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In 2016 we had our first international conference, with over 300 attendees, 20 sessions and 15 speakers.

This two day event, on the 18-19th of February, held at the Grand Hotel Italia in Cluj Napoca, covered major topics and had talks from the like of Tom Dale, who helped create Ember.js, Gautam Arora, Engineering Manager @Conde Nast, Liran Tal, team lead @HP Israel Mean.js core team and many more. 

Our medium publication is a place to showcase JavaScript projects and experiences, to learn and grow as a developer.

We encourage you to write about your work, to showcase your projects, to teach each other. We can help you find your blogging voice as writing can be a great way to get more involved and learn more by putting your work into words and getting feedback from other people. You can become a hello.JS contributor and try your hand at writing more than code.


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