How we started

Hello.js started out as dedication, interest and appreciation towards JavaScript, which in turn ended up creating the first JavaScript focused conference in Cluj Napoca, a tech hub in the heart of Transylvania. We started out as people in love with this technology called JavaScript and grew to a community of individuals, a conference, a publication and even to a lot of friends.


About us


We’re crazy about JavaScript, it’s an incredible language that brings together front and back end development, a technology that inspires people so much that they end up creating libraries or frameworks almost every day.

Or they inspire people to create events, conferences, articles and workshops. We’re more the latter, but not just that. Hello.js, first of all, is a platform of learning for JavaScript developers, through technical events, workshops and blog posts.

You are a JavaScript developer, you want to better yourself and you want to share your stock of knowledge and experiences with the community.

You like to learn and connect with other developers from all over the world. Well, you’re in luck because we’re open to new people joining our efforts. You can be a part of the hello.js editorial team and make your mark in the JavaScript community. If you have something to say, we’re the place for you.

About you

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