The conference features 2 full days of program, the first day is planned for talks, and on the 2nd day we say hello(.js) to the brave teams who’re going to showcase their work during the Demo Day.










Tom Dale - guest speaker

Helped create Ember.js & Co-founder at Tilde

Gautam Arora

Engineering Manager @ Condé Nast

Emil Tamas

Co-founder @ Moqups

Zahra Jabini

JavaScript Engineer @ Bustle.com

Andrei Rusu


Liran Tal

Team Lead @ HP, Mean.js core team

Andrei Cacio

Web Dev @ Evozon

Radu Brehar

CTO @ ZippyUI

Robert Onodi

Technical Lead @ Evozon

Alex Moldovan

Software Engineer @ Fortech

Dhyan Or

Social & Tech Entrepreneur

Catalin Pintea

Founder & UI/UX Wizard @ REBS

Paul Brie

Head of JavaScript Dev @ Evozon

Roman Masek

UX Developer @ HPE

Andrei Canta

Founder & CTO @ Hexbridge


9 : 30 AM

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10 : 00 AM


Paul Brie


10 : 30 AM

Progressive Enhancement in the Age of JavaScript

Progressive enhancement proponents will tell you that serving HTML, then adding behavior by sprinkling JavaScript on top, will help you build apps that are accessible to the widest number of people. But as the world has changed—with powerful hand-held devices dominating the market but network connections that are often still unreliable—is it it time to revisit the assumptions of progressive enhancement?

In this talk, we’ll discuss how the rise of the smartphone changes how to think about progressive enhancement. Counterintuitively, that may mean writing more JavaScript, not less. In particular, we’ll focus on Ember.js’ FastBoot technology that bridges the gap between server-side and client-side. Expect a talk that covers high-level concepts as well as dives deep into code.

Tom Dale


11 : 10 AM

Innovation: PONY Car Sharing

Julian Pădurariu


11 : 40 AM

Coffee Break



12 : 10 PM

Node Micro Apps: Modules All The Way Down

Modules are core to the design of Node applications. Any application built on top of Node leverages the growing module ecosystem to add functionality, features and tooling. However the applications themselves are not entirely modular. What if we re-imagined the architecture of our large web applications to be built from really small (or micro!) applications that can be installed and used as modules? What would such an application architecture look like? What would be the joys and pains of using it in production for over a year? In this talk, I will share the experience of the creating and using a Micro Apps architecture at Conde Nast Traveler. I will also give a deep dive of the code, patterns and tools you will for need for this architecture using my blog as an example.

Gautam Arora


13 : 10 PM




14 : 10 PM


If you want to take your user engagement to the next level – you need to add some gamification to it.

Dhyan Or


14 : 40 PM

The rise of Open Source and MEAN Stack in the Enterprise

Open Source Software is ubiquitous and it’s ripples are prominent today more than ever before, thanks to a successful and disruptive set of technologies that drive software engineering today. With an introduction to Open Source Software, we will review and learn about one Fortune500 Enterprise journey towards adopting the JavaScript MEAN stack framework for web applications.

Liran Tal


15 : 40 PM


The talk is about a solution to a problem which many of us are facing at this point in time. Many applications written in AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS and many, many other JS frameworks suffer from lack of SEO. The google bot doesn’t render them as they should be rendered.

Andrei Cacio


16 : 10 PM

Fast-prototyping using Bootstrap and Ember.js components

This short talk will cover the advantages and caveats of using ember.js & its components idiom as a framework for rapid prototyping of a web application, as learned while building http://www.remax.ro/ under a tight deadline (~5 months) and minimum initial specifications.

Catalin Pintea


16 : 25 PM

Coffee Break



16 : 55 PM

Nightwatch.js – In Control of your Software Quality

This talk explores the testing framework Nightwatch.js, written in Node.js and utilizing the Webdriver API. We’ll discuss how the project was started and why, its main ambitions and future plans, we’ll be dissecting some core concepts and advanced topics like cross browser testing, page objects, unit testing and mock objects to name a few.

Andrei Rusu


17 : 55 PM

Re-architecting the client with Flux

We will talk about the main components of a Flux architecture, about some implementations that are available and the different practices that appeared over the course of the last year. We will discuss the differences between classic approaches in building client side applications and the new practices proposed by the React community, while also pointing out some of the benefits of using Flux.

Alex Moldovan


18 : 25 PM




9 : 30 AM

Welcome coffee


10 : 00 AM

Opening Day 2

Paul Brie


10 : 15 AM

Digital Storytelling Through the SVG ViewBox

The web has historically been a one-dimensional medium: start at the top and scroll down. Unexplored capabilities in the browser let us break out of the 1D world and into the 3D universe.
In this talk, we’ll examine animating the SVG viewBox, giving us access to powerful three-dimensional motion effects. We’ll use these techniques to provide spatial animations that are high-resolution, performant, and best of all, easily accessible to designers who don’t need to learn how to program to deliver cinematic-quality animations on the web.

Zahra Jabini


10 : 45 AM

Moqups – Challenges in building a high performance graphical editor

Emil Tamaș


11 : 40 AM

Coffee Break



12 : 00 PM

Angular 2.0

Robert Onodi


13 : 00 PM

Reusable UI components with React

This talk will help people understand how React and the ecosystem around it helps build truly reusable UI components. It will show some of the available patterns, approaches & tools that can help frontenders build & reuse UI components with confidence in large-scale projects.

Radu Brehar


13 : 30 PM




14 : 30 PM

HP Propel – Lessons learned from JavaScript community

What’s it like to work for a big corporation today? Can enterprise world keep up with a rapidly evolving OSS ecosystem? Let me try to answer these questions by sharing some stories from the development of enterprise integration platform based on Node.js and Angular.js.

Roman Mašek


15 : 00 PM

JavaScript Promises a Lot

Andrei Canta


15 : 30 PM

Great fun with JS

Paul Brie


16 : 15 PM

Coffee Break



16 : 45 PM

Hacking & Demo Sessions

Bring your laptops!


18 : 15 PM



Grand Hotel Italia, Vivaldi Room 2, Vasile Conta street, Cluj-Napoca, RO




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